10 April, 2016

FBDA -- 6 : Some Bug Notes

Some MoS documents on FBDA Bugs

1.  Bug 16454223  :  Wrong Results  (more rows than expected)

2.  Bug 16898135  :  FBDA does not split partitions  (resulting in rows not being purged)

3.  Bug 18294320  :   ORA-01555 (ORA-2475) on SMON_SCN_TIME

4.  Bug 22456983  :   Limit on SMON_SCN_TIME affecting FBDA

5.  Document 2039070.1 :  Known Issues with Flashback Data Archive

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Many of these bugs came from the work we've done with FBDA... we've gained extensive experience with the product and have some fairly deep understanding, including using the extend_mappings procedure to use import_history to back load FBDA... but thank you for testing out some of the DDL change features etc and providing examples. Very helpful.