09 December, 2020

Oracle Database 21c

Oracle Database 21c is now available in the Oracle Cloud.

21c is an Innovation Release so it can be used for testing of the new features.  For Long Term Support, customers still now upgrading should be upgrading to 19c.

Update : I had published this blog post on 09-Dec-20 as soon as I saw Oracle's post that 21c was available.  However, I now find that Oracle has updated the date of their post to 13-Jan-21.
I can understand web (blog) posts being updated but the actual publication date itself was changed by Oracle !
You can see Mike Dietriche's post dated 08-Dec-20   Even comments on Oracle's post supposedly of 13-Jan-21 are dated from 08-Dec-20 !  So, it is evident that the release of 21c was announced on 08-Dec-20.