30 December, 2023

My Posts on Refreshable Clone PDBs

 Refreshable Clone PDBs have been available since Oracle 12.2

These are 4 blog posts I had made between Nov-21 and Jan-22 :

1.  Refreshable Clone PDB -- 1 Manual Refresh  (30-Nov-21)

2.  Refreshable Clone PDB -- 2 Datafile Names  (04-Dec-21)

3.  Refreshable Clone PDB -- 3 The ArchiveLog and ArchParLog files  (05-Dec-21)

4.  Refreshable Clone PDB -- 4 Converting it to a Read Write PDB  (23-Jan-22)

Additionally, here is a recent write-up Refreshable PDB Clones in Data Guard Environments On-premises and on Oracle Cloud  by Sinan Petrus Toma (@SinanPetrus)

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