30 May, 2021

Performance Hub for On-Premises Database

Previously, I have demonstrated the Performance Hub on an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database on the Oracle Cloud.

 However, you can use the DBMS_PERF package for a similar report on your On-Premises database.

The code to generate such a report is (you can connect explicitly to the target PDB to generate the Performance Hub report) :

set pages 0 linesize 32767 trimspool on trim on long 1000000 longchunksize 10000000
select dbms_perf.report_perfhub(is_realtime=>1,type=>'active') from dual;
-- is_realtime 1 and active shows the report for the last 1hour
-- for more options see the documentation on DBMS_PERF
spool off
-- then edit the html file to remove the first line and the spool off command if necessary

I have generated a similar report for the database in my On-Premises VM.

See the 19c documentation on DBMS_PERF for more details.

Note :   The window is only 5minutes because the default selected_start_time parameter is 5minutes before the current time (i.e. the time when the report is generated)

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