19 March, 2021

Patching -- opatch and datapatch in Oracle vs a single executable in SQL Server

 In the Oracle universe, when applying a Release Update patch, the DBA has to run "opatch" to patch the binaries and library files but also has to run a separate "datapatch" to update the data dictionary with SQL "Apply" Actions in each database.

In what seems to be a contrast, SQL Server patching requires only execution of the Patch exe file.  Does that mean that no SQL "Apply" Actions are required ?  See how it is done in SQL Server in my other blog post.


Viacheslav Andzhich said...

Hi Hemant,

Not a dba myself, so I may be wrong on this, but I believe, datapatch is no longer needed since around 12.2, and certainly not needed since 18c

Hemant K Chitale said...

That seems to be a misunderstanding. Even 19c RUs still require both "opatch" and "datapatch" .
Unless you are using "opatchauto" to run both "opatch" and "datapatch"