23 May, 2020

Restoring a Datafile into ASM

What happens to the file name when you restore a datafile into RAC ?

I create a new tablespace and datafile.

I then make a backup of the tablespace/datafile

I shutdown the database and remove the datafile physically

Now I startup the database and restore the datafile

Now, I recover the datafile

Now, I check the datafile name

The alert log also shows me the restored (new) file name

The trailing portion of the file name changed from "t1.303.1041178221" to "t1.303.1041179951".
(The "t1" is actually the Tablespace Name).

So, we can see that ASM actually renames the file --- it is an Oracle Managed File.  Every time, you place (i.e. restore) a datafile into ASM, the file name is changed.  However, the controlfile and data dictionary are also updated correctly.

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