07 December, 2014

Statistics on this blog

I began this blog on 28-Dec-2006.  For the 8 years 2007 to 2014, I have averaged 56 posts per year.  Unfortunately, this year, 2014, has produced the fewest posts -- 40 including this one.  This includes the "series" on Grid / ASM / RAC and the series on StatsPack / AWR.

2011 was my most prodigious year -- 99 posts.

There were 8,176 page views in July 2010.  To date, there have been more than 930thousand (946thousand at the end of 2014) page views on this blog.  By month, the peak count has been for March 2013 -- 24,346 page views.

My largest viewer counts are from USA, India, UK, Germany and France.  www.google.com has been the largest source of traffic to this blog.


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