28 January, 2014

My first Backup and Recovery Quiz

I have created a short 5 question quiz on Oracle Backup and Recovery at QuizBean.  Please test it.  You can submit your comments against this blog post.  (I want to see if QuizBean is reliable).


Kalaiselvi said...

Done it and it seems working well..

Anonymous said...

Hi Hemant,

The quiz looks good. I didn't have to log in or was prompted for one.
The good part is that it provides answers with the explanation.


jay vardhan said...

Thanks Hemant. Please put some more questions, will help in getting more learning.

Kumar Madduri said...

This looks good.

P.ierre Forstmann said...

The quiz worked well for me (I got 100% correct).


M A D A N M O H A N said...

Good one.

Hemant K Chitale said...

Thank you, everyone.


Deepak Thakre said...

Hello Hemant Backup and recovery quiz is good but very small, add more questions.