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06 July, 2013

12c RMAN Restrictions -- when connected to a PDB

From the 12c documentation, it is clear that a Pluggable Database does not have (a) it's own instance (b) it's own redo and archivelogs.
Also, there are a number of restrictions in RMAN when you configure a Multi-Tenanted Database and run RMAN against one of the PDBs.

Here are the documented restrictions :
Restrictions When Connected to a PDB
The following operations are not available when you connect as target directly to a PDB:
·       Back up archived logs
·       Delete archived logs
·       Delete archived log backups
·       Restore archived logs (RMAN does restore archived logs when required during media recovery.)
·       Point-in-time recovery (PITR)
·       TSPITR
·       Table recovery
·       Duplicate database
·       Flashback operations
·       Running Data Recovery Advisor
·       Report/delete obsolete
·       Register database
·       Import catalog
·       Reset database
·       Configuring the RMAN environment (using the CONFIGURE command)
When you connect as TARGET to a PDB, you cannot connect to a recovery catalog.

What does this mean  ?  For most Backup scenarios, you would run Backups from the *CONTAINER* Database.  You can connect to the Container Database and Backup an individual PDB.


Tim... said...


I understand why most of the restrictions are in place, but it does mean that backup & recovery options are severely limited for individual PDBs, without having a massive impact on other PDBs, or doing recovery to a new instance and plugging the PDB back in when you are finished. It will take some getting used to. :)



Christi said...

This is awesome!

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