17 March, 2013

Useful Oracle Youtube videos

This will be a periodically updated list of useful Oracle Youtube videos.
(dates are the dates I added the videos to this list)

17-Mar-13   Jonathan Lewis -- Pessimist Exadata

17-Mar-13   Connor McDonald -- RAC Upgrade Nightmare

19-Mar-13  Cary Millsap (with Kerry Osborne)  --  My Perspective on Exadata

24-Mar-13  Tim Gorman  --  Data Warehousing

13-Apr-13  Tom Kyte  --  What are we still doing wrong ?

03-Jun-13  How to Download and Install Virtual Box

16-Jun-13  Gwen (Chen) Shapira  --  Hadoop and Oracle Database

27-Jun-13  Yuri Velikanov  --  How to become an Expert -- Part 1  (also see the next part - Part 2)

28-Jun-13  Tom Kyte on 12c

18-Jul-13  Tom Kyte on the Top 12 Features of 12c

21-Jul-13  Kellyn Pot'vin on Plugging In Oracle Database 12c Databases

01-Jan-14  Christo Kutrovsky on Oracle, Memory and Linux

04-Jan-14  Kellyn Pot'vin on Performance Tuning with ASH and AWR Data

21-Oct-14  Jonathan Lewis -- Selectivity

21-Oct-14  Christian Antognini -- Indexes

03-Jan-15  Jonathan Lewis  -- Parallel Execution Plans

03-Jan-15  Kyle Haily -- Visual SQL Tuning

06-Jun-15  Toon Koppelaars  -- Putting Application Logic into the Database (versus in the Application Server -- Java ?)

12-Oct-15  Ric Van Dyke on Histograms

26-Oct-15  Kerry Osborne  on 12c Adaptive Optimization

29-Oct-15 Jonathan Lewis -- Calculating Selectivity


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Exadata Video are very helpful.