12 December, 2011

AIOUG Sangam 11 content

These are the two Topics that I presented at AIOUG Sangam '11 at Bangalore on 09th and 10th December 2011 :

The Role of the DBA :

Article :  "The Role of the DBA"

Presentation :  "The Role of the DBA"

Partitioning :

Article :  "Partitioning Tables and Indexing Them".  This contains additional examples that could not be included in the Presentation.

Presentation :  "Partitioning Tables and Indexing Them".

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Anonymous said...

Excellent Articles written by Especially "The Role of DBA".
Hemant, the Person like you are true source of Inspiration in professional field.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it...
It was very nice.
DB "A" Availability.

Thank you
Sriram Sanka

Nitin said...

I liked the Role of a DBA Papers.Specially ARTICLE section.
As usual you emphasized what you want to say.
PS.The Docs(PAPER Partitioning.
) you've uploaded have your personal Email Address.

Hemant K Chitale said...

I have removed my email address from the published article.