20 July, 2011

Oracle Database "Performance" - A Diagnostics Method

I have just completed a Webinar at BrainSurface Virtathon.

I have uploaded a copy of the presentation 'Oracle Database "Performance" - A Diagnostics Approach' at my "Oracle Diagnostics Presentations" site.


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David Mann said...

Thanks for making this available, good to see what others are facing when working on diagnosing performance issues.

"Define the issue" is always one of my biggest challenges - some customers come with vague "It is slow" statements and others (my favorite) come prepared with plenty of detail and application logs so I can isolate the issue on the database side.

And I always seize opportunities to educate -- last week I was asked by a manager type to index all columns on all tables in a database since they experienced a couple of slow queries and wanted to make sure everything was tuned.

After I stopped banging my head on my desk I wrote a very polite email which boiled down to "Lets spend time working on actual problems, not problems that haven't shown up yet."

I enjoy the challenge of tuning but I secretly wished that it really was as simple as indexing every column in the DB :)