01 May, 2010

Database and SQL Training

A friend of mine, Stephane Faroult has created a site "Konagora" with free introductory tutorials on databases and SQL.
Stephane is the author of "The Art of SQL" and "Refactoring SQL Applications". Although both are targeted towards developers (who need not be on Oracle or Oracle-only), the latter book has even been useful to me as a DBA interested in Performance Tuning.

Konagora is a introduction to databases and SQL presented differently from your standard documentation and vendor training. Do visit and review some of his work. You could introduce our technical world to novices and those who only have a "starter" interest but do not know what we actually do -- those may want to be proficient developers and/or DBAs in the near future.


Prabin said...

This post is not relevant now as the specified site doesn't exists

Hemant K Chitale said...

Yes, this was posted in the year 2010. Do you wish me to delete this post ?