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23 August, 2008

The once again new has come back online once again. An upgrade attempt in June was rolled back after the upgraded version had been "in play" for a few days. After the rollback, some posts were lost and some identities were lost.

Two weekends ago, was offline for maintenance. This Saturday (for most of the world that lives outside USA) it was offline again.
Now that it is back,

a. font size cannot be adjusted in MSIE. I might as well stop using

b. The new Legends of "Guru", "Expert", "Pro", "Journeyman" and "Newbie" are so so .... so ... what shall I say ? We have already suffered "Oracle ACE"s and "Oracle ACE Director"s. And now I suffer being labelled a "Newbie" until some unknowns start awarding me 5 points for "Helpful" answers and 10 points for "Correct" answers so that I must accumulate points to becoming a "Journeyman" and then a "Pro".

It might well be very very very soon time to say goodbye to and return to, say, google groups ?

Update : This thread is active on (so I am still logging in there yet !).

1 comment:

OracleGuy777 said...

please do not leave the forums. I have read some of your blogs and they are very useful to newbies like me!

I'll give you as many points as you like ;)

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