03 May, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another ....

I had written my post on Row Sizes and SORTs following the same forums posting that Jonathan Lewis used to build his test case in his blog post called "Manual Optimisation".

On reading the first version of Manual Optimisation (hey, did you notice that he is British ?!), I was then going to update my own post and reference his method. Quite cool and, at the same time, very complicated. However, I held back on that (and wrote another post on something else).

A few days later, I come back to his blog to read up on new comments, and I find a reference to Tom Kyte's response. Yes, I agree with Tom Kyte and do feel that depending on what could be a side-effect of behaviour isn't strictly usable in most scenarios -- but, maybe, Jonathan Lewis has found an exception. (Will I use it ? Probably not , I wouldn't be able to explain it to others !).

So, all things going around, what is THIS posting about ? Well actually, I found the example of the Employee Names and Telephone Numbers lookup that Tom Kyte has quoted as "Optimize to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions" quite intriguing. I've seen a similar application in Lotus Notes and wondered how it could be done in Oracle. Now, I know how it can be done !

So, from a forum posting, to my blog, to Jonathan Lewis's posting to Tom Kyte's response and to an example which gives me an insight into a solution for problem not strictly related to the first one (although there is a good link between the two -- the fact that the rowsize can be an issue in fetching data !).

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